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Building Signs

Building signs give your business consistent impact and recognition.


What is a building sign?
Any type of signage that is fixed to the exterior building.

Why choose building signs?
Businesses that operate from a building, shop or any other physical premise can benefit from marketing the brand with exterior building signage. Building signs are usually designed to help customers identify where a business is located particularly in busy urban environments.

What are the advantages of building signs?

  • enhanced customer way-finding experience

  • broad marketing to many people in the community

  • professional branded presentation

  • installation at height to boost visual impact

How can we help with building signage?
Building signage needs to be designed with thought as every building is different. To ensure the best solution is reached with the correct type of sign format and material we recommend contacting us.

Visual Energy is an experienced signage company that provides a complete service to deliver your building sign project. This includes design and documentation, planning, engineering, council approval, manufacture, traffic management, safety access equipment, installation and maintenance.