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Business Signs

Business signs help you get business.


What is a business sign?
Any sign used to promote a business.

Why choose business signs?
Business signs help create business. Business signs let customers that your business exists and exactly where you are located.

What are the advantages of business signs?

  • simple and effective brand awareness

  • helps to attract customers to your space

  • many affordable solutions

  • creates a professional appearance

How can we help with business signage?
Business signage needs to be designed and installed with the right materials and fixing methods. We have over 70 years experience in designing and installing business signs so we recommend getting in contact about your project.

Visual Energy is an experienced signage company in Wollongong that provides a complete service to deliver your corporate signage project. This includes design and documentation, planning, engineering, council approval, manufacture, traffic management, safety access equipment, installation and maintenance.