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Laser Cut Lettering

Laser cut signs provide unbeatable accuracy for cut shapes and lettering.


What is a laser cut sign?
Any sign where laser cutting technology has been used to cut sign materials. Laser cutting uses laser optic heat and CNC (computer numerical control) motion control systems that allow shapes to be cut out of materials as well as pattern/photo etching into materials.

Why choose laser cut signs?
Laser cut signage is incredibly fast, accurate and affordable for a wide variety of applications and is most commonly used for cut out lettering.

What are the advantages of laser cuts signs?

  • versatile - many materials can be laser cut (plastics, metals, woods etc)

  • unbeatable accuracy when reproducing intricate artwork

  • high quality precision edge finishes on materials and surfaces

  • affordable for all signage jobs big or small

How can we help with laser cut signage?
Our team consists of several laser cutting experts who can run our large laser cutting machine to create all different types of signage in different materials depending on your job.

Visual Energy Signs is an experienced signage company in Wollongong that provides a complete service to deliver laser cut signage projects. This can include design and documentation, planning, engineering, council approval, manufacture, traffic management, safety access equipment, supply, installation and maintenance.