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Way-finding Signage

Way-finding signage is crucial for customers navigate your business space


What is wayfinding signage?
Any sign that assists people navigate from one place to another place. Wayfinding signs often combine maps, symbols, colours and arrows as well as other visual communications devices to help people find the where want to go.

Why choose to get wayfinding signs?
As basic principle, all businesses need to make the place they trade from easy to find for customers so they can make sales. Wayfinding signage is particularly important for complex build or natural environments where it is likely that customers will get lost and frustrated in trying to find their way to a particular place.

What are the advantages of wayfinding signage?

  • helping customers find your business boosts sales

  • ensures your customers have a positive brand experience 

  • unified company presentation in signs boosts customer trust

  • reduced labour costs in inquires and questions in verbal directions 

How can we help with wayfinding signs?
Wayfinding signage needs to be designed using a hierarchal system of sign formats and inline with brand guidelines. This ensures all signage is similar even across different areas and is the key to the effective communication of spatial directions.

Visual Energy Signs is an experienced signage company in Wollongong that has completed many projects wayfinding signage project - big and small. This can include design and documentation, planning, engineering, council approval, manufacture, traffic management, safety access equipment, installation and maintenance.